6 petals diet

A Sweden nutritionist Anna Uhanson developed this diet system. It is based on the main principles of the so-called monodiets. The monodiet means to eat only one product for every meal during a certain period of time. The monodiet is the first step when you attempt to have an healthier and fitter lifestyle.

According to those on the diet it takes away some 0.8-1.2 kg a day. The diet spans 6 days - 6 monodiets - 6 flower petals. During these days you should stick to 6 monodiets following each other in a certain order:

  • Day One - a fish diet;
  • Day Two - a vegetable diet;
  • Day Three - a chicken diet;
  • Day Four - a cereal diet;
  • Day Five - a curd diet;
  • Day Six - a fruit diet.

This scheme works due to the fact that during the diet proteins do not mix with carbohydrates thus allowing fats to be split. The diet monotonicity fosters the process of losing weight because our stomach awaiting the new food has to work idly and so that to get the energy it has to make use of its own fat reserves.

Benefits of Mono diet

  • To clean the intestinal tract;
  • A monodiet is very nutritious;
  • Eating a mono meal is a time saver in the morning;
  • You learn to listen to your body;
  • A mono diet is a great way to indulge in your favorite food on a regular basis.

At the same time our body cannot get used to the food and switch on the energy-storing mode, that is common in the long term monodiets. So you loose weight every day. According to the studies held by the European Weight Loss Centre, a monodiet lasting for less than 25 hours helps burn fat most actively. You do not feel hungry, so it is much easier to stand it.

Freelee the Banana Girl knows everything about monodiet.

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