Biotin, as referred to as Vitamin H is part of the Vitamin B complex group and might be interesting to some people since one of the most visible symptoms of shortage of this vitamin is thinning of hair which can lead to total hair loss.This does not mean that baldness is a sign of Vitamin H in short supply - severe hair loss might just be indicative of biotin being deficient.
How Much Vitamin H Is Enough?

Women and men should have 30 micrograms of Vitamin H.


Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for Biotin
Babies 0 to 1 years 5 mcg/day
Children 1 to 3 years 8 mcg/day
Children 4 to 6 years 10 mcg/day
Children 7 to 9 years 15 mcg/day
Children 10 to 12 years 18 mcg/day
Teenager boy 13 to 15 22 mcg/day
Teenager girl13 to 15 20 mcg/day
Teenager boy 16 to 19 25 mcg/day
Teenager girl 16 to 19 23 mcg/day
Men 30 mcg/day
Women 25 mcg/day
Pregnant women 30 mcg/day
Nursing mother 35 mcg/day

Vitamin H is used in cell growth, the production of fatty acids, metabolism of fats, and proteins. It plays a role in the Krebs cycle, which is the process in which energy is released from food. Biotin is also indicated for healthy hair and skin, healthy sweat glands, nerve tissue, and bone marrow, and assisting with muscle pain.
Biotin is present in cheese, beef liver, cauliflower, eggs, mushrooms, chicken breasts, salmon, spinach, brewer's yeast, nuts and can be manufactured in the body should a small shortfall occur.
Food Serving Biotin (mcg)
Yeast, bakers active 1 packet (7 grams) 14
Wheat bran, crude 1 ounce 14
Bread, whole wheat 1 slice 6
Egg, cooked 1 large 25
Cheese, camembert 1 ounce 6
Cheese, cheddar 1 ounce 2
Liver, cooked 3 ounces 27
Chicken, cooked 3 ounces 3
Pork, cooked 3 ounces 2
Salmon, cooked 3 ounces 4
Avocado 1 whole 6
Raspberries 1 cup 2
Artichoke, cooked 1 medium 2
Cauliflower, raw 1 cup 4

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