Separated nutrition

Separated nutrition is THE MOST NATURAL DIET. The only rule of separated nutrition is to combine the nutritive products (types of food) in an appropriate way for the purpose of ensuring a problemless digestion and absorption of nutrients by the human body.

In separated nutrition the basic principle is to take into account the compatibility of the separate products in digestion when creating the menu.This compatibility is reduced to the following: nutrition products rich in proteins should not be taken together with products consisting of carbohydrates. These can be taken after a certain period of 3-4 hours, not less than 2 hours.Such a separation of food provides the organs of digestive system with normal functionality leading to maximum effectiveness. The reason for this is that for the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates there are different requirements as to the conditions and processing times.

Processing of carbohydrates demands much less time than the time required for the breaking down of proteins. For this reason if we mix carbohydrates and proteins, part of them will be badly absorbed.

The other important thing that one needs to remember and observe is the daily consumption of large quantities of fruit and vegetables. The best time to eat fruit is morning or before meal (30 min). In the morning your body has the cleanest condition and what is why the best food is fruit or fresh juice. It doesn't require any energy to break it down. Thus, your body uses it as energy and it burns it right up. Fruit is also full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs after sleep.

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